For Landlords and Property Owners

Medical Examiner Seals and Public Administrator Seals

Upon completion of a death investigation at a residence or place of business, the Medical Examiner Investigator may seal the location, residence or room to protect and preserve the decedent’s personal property on behalf of the legal next of kin.  Depending on the circumstances and the status of the next of kin, either a Medical Examiner Seal or a Public Administrator Seal maybe utilized.  Both seals prohibit entry into the sealed premises without permission.  In order to enter a sealed residence, you need to obtain authorization from the agency listed on the seal.  If the seal is blue, the Medical Examiner's Office must be contacted at 323.343.0755 to obtain authorization. If the seal is white, it means the Los Angeles County Office of the Public Administrator has been notified of the death and they are handling the decedent's affairs until the legal next of kin comes forward. The Los Angeles County Public Administrator can be reached at 213.974.0460.

Biohazard cleanup

Certain deaths may result in blood or biological tissue or fluids remaining at the scene of an injury or death. The Medical Examiner is not responsible for, nor does it provide, cleaning services to these locations. Families, landlords and property owners are advised to contract with a State Registered Trauma Scene Practitioner for biohazard cleaning.

There is a link to the California State Registered Trauma Scene Practitioner List at the bottom of this page. Additional information regarding trauma scene cleanup is available on the California Department of Public Health website.

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