University Hospitals Pathology Resident Training Program

The Department of Medical Examiner offers the opportunity for pathology residents from local university affiliated hospitals (USC, UCLA, and others) to train in our office with costs paid by the hospitals. This program fosters positive relationships with university hospitals’ pathology departments and improves the standard of practice of forensic medicine in general, as these pathology residents will be practicing in the community once they complete their training.

Youthful Drunk Driver Visitation Program (YDDVP)

Since 1989, the Medical Examiner has participated with the support of the courts in a program of visitation to our facility for youthful drunk drivers (First Offenders) as an alternative form of sentencing. The program continues to be popular with judges and is currently being presented 12 or more times per month.

Tissue Harvesting/Organ Transplantation

This program provides corneas and other tissues to those in need in our community through coordinated efforts with various tissue banks and hospitals. Our medical staff provides consent along with next of kin consent to federally approved organ donation agencies for organ harvesting done at hospitals. In addition, the program makes tissue available to low income and indigent patients at County hospitals at no cost to the patients or hospitals.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Interagency Program

The Department participates in the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Interagency Council and continues to use the state protocol for autopsies of SIDS/SUIDS cases.

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