Cause and Manner of Death Determined for Keenan Darnell Anderson

Cause and Manner of Death Determined for Keenan Darnell Anderson

Cause and Manner of Death Determined for Keenan Darnell Anderson 150 150 Medical Examiner


June 2, 2023 - The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner determined the cause of death for 31-year-old Keenan Darnell Anderson as effects of cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and cocaine use (death determined hours after restraint and conducted energy device [CED] use); the manner of death is undetermined.  

On January 3, law enforcement personnel responded to the scene of an auto accident where Mr. Anderson was a driver. Mr. Anderson was observed making erratic statements and appeared agitated. He soon fled on foot and was restrained by multiple officers who reportedly used wrist locks and hobbling techniques, and a CED. External analysis of the discharged CED revealed probes were deployed without skin impact and that trigger activations were discharged to Mr. Anderson’s back via drive-stun application. 

Minutes after being subdued, Mr. Anderson was treated by responding fire department personnel, where he became unconscious with labored breathing.  

Mr. Anderson was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead, hours after the encounter with law enforcement. Mr. Anderson’s body was then transported to the Department’s Forensic Science Center for examination.  

On January 11, an autopsy was completed on Mr. Anderson. Following the completion and receipt of relevant test results, the cause and manner of death were certified June 1. 

The medical examiner-coroner case number for Mr. Anderson is 2023-00126. To request the medical examiner’s report, email 

For additional information regarding cause and manner of death, please refer to the DMEC Fact Sheet. 


About LA County Dept. of Medical Examiner-Coroner 

The Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner investigates and determines the circumstances, manner, and cause of all violent, sudden or unusual deaths occurring within Los Angeles County, including the City of Los Angeles, 87 other municipalities, and its unincorporated areas.  

The Department is a neutral, independent office and conducts medicolegal death investigations separate from any law enforcement agency. The Department’s mission is to provide independent, quality, death investigation using advanced forensic science with compassion and objectivity for families, communities, and public health & safety, as well as to work collaboratively to reduce preventable deaths. 


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